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Precision Excavation & Landscaping

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Excavations Templestowe

Templestowe Retaining Walls

Orb Excavation is the ultimate solution for transforming Templestowe properties. We leverage our skilled excavation, landscaping, retaining wall, and pool removal services to deliver the best results.

Craft your own haven in Templestowe with confidence. Orb Excavation is the undisputed expert in excavation, landscaping, retaining wall construction, and pool removal. Our unparalleled services and exceptional expertise will enrich the value and visual allure of your property. With unwavering commitment and a relentless pursuit of perfection, we bring your ideas to life.

Choose Orb Excavation as your comprehensive partner and experience unparalleled results.

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Our Templestowe Services

Excavation Excellence: Our adept team specializes in precise excavation for construction, landscaping, and foundational necessities. Emphasizing safety, we adeptly handle projects of all sizes while ensuring minimal disturbance to your property.

Landscaping Elevation: Enrich your outdoor space with our imaginative landscaping services. Working closely with you, we craft personalized landscapes that seamlessly integrate innovation and sustainability, all tailored to your tastes and budget.

Retaining Wall Marvels: Amidst uneven terrain, our captivating retaining walls stand as bastions of stability. Meticulously crafted by skilled experts, they not only prevent erosion but also augment your property’s allure. A variety of materials and styles seamlessly merge with the natural surroundings.

Pool Removal Transformation: Seamlessly transition from your pool with our secure and comprehensive removal services. Compliant with necessary permits and regulations, we efficiently rejuvenate your space, priming it for your new vision.

Why Orb Excavations?

Skill and Mastery: Bolstered by extensive industry experience, we possess the essential expertise and knowledge to deftly oversee a diverse spectrum of projects.

Your Satisfaction: Your contentment remains our foremost priority. Attuned to your ideas, concerns, and preferences, we tailor our services not merely to meet, but to exceed your expectations.

Crafting Impeccability: From excavation ventures to landscaping endeavours and beyond, our team unwaveringly maintains the zenith of craftsmanship standards, ensuring each project attains a flawless culmination.

Accessible Reach: Transforming your dream project into reality shouldn’t stretch your budget. We offer competitive pricing without compromising the calibre of our services, rendering your aspirations not only attainable but also economically feasible.

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Google Rating
Based on 47 reviews

New Years Break

The team at Orb Excavations wishes you a safe and joyous holiday. We are currently on leave till the 15th of Jan, 2024.

We are unable to take phone calls for the time being. Please leave us an email through our contact form and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Happy New Years!