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Pool Decommissioning

At Orb Excavations, we specialise in delivering meticulous and thoughtful swimming pool and spa decommissioning and removal services. We recognise that swimming pools and spas can add or remove significant value to a property and as such, we approach each project with careful consideration and planning. 

Reasons why you may need a pool or spa removal services include:

  • Maintenance and running cost
  • Pool or spa no longer use
  • Replacement of existing pool
  • Recent government legislations
  • Recovery of land space

Orb Excavations is well-equipped to provide efficient and timely services, including the removal of any associated structures such as decks, pergolas and paving.

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Pool Removal Service

Orb Excavations is a licensed and trained pool removal and decommissioning provider that can handle swimming pool and spa removals and all associated structures. Our team possesses the expertise and knowledge necessary to execute projects according to industry standards and regulations.

In addition, we offer landscaping services that can assist in the transformation of your outdoor space. Services we offer include:

  • In-ground swimming pool removal
  • Above-ground pool removal
  • Concrete pool breaking and removal
  • Fibreglass pool removal
  • Outdoor Spa Removal
  • Restoration of landscape
  • Removal of decking and attached structures
  • Breaking and removal of the walls and floor
  • Filling in the hole(s) left behind
No matter what your outdoor space needs are, we will work with you closely to create a custom plan tailored to your desires.
Google Rating
Based on 47 reviews

New Years Break

The team at Orb Excavations wishes you a safe and joyous holiday. We are currently on leave till the 15th of Jan, 2024.

We are unable to take phone calls for the time being. Please leave us an email through our contact form and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Happy New Years!